Italian pork’s filet mignon..

Pork’s filet mignon in Italian style!

Give to French cuisine some « colori » !

Okay, this meal doesn’t look like a perfect diet meal (no vegetables at first..) with no originality at all… but if you look closely you’ll find more than just a piece of meat with potatoes and sauce.

In fact, I tried to distill some of my Italian origins in this meal!! For exemple, the sauce is based on tomato sauce, but with chorizo sausage in it; The meat has been cooked for a hour in oven with chorizo/Grana Padano cheese mix on it; These aren’t potatoes at all…despite first appearance, they are roasted parsnips! The last small things are like a pesto mixture, here to give some punches to the taster 🙂

Here is the recipe.

Filet mignon of pork
Tomatoes (prefer the San Marzano ones, less seeds, more pulpit!)
Grana Padano cheese (or Parmigiano)
Basil leaves
Pine nut
Olive oil
  1. Warm up the oven (80°C)
  2.  Slice the chorizo and cheese and mix them together into a blender. Heat them in a pan to make the cheese melt a bit and try to flatten the mixture. Once the « paste » is ready, put it on a greaseproof paper and in the fridge.
  3. Put the meat in a hot and oily pan (olive oil, please!) Be careful to not put more than 250-300g per pieces at the same time (the meat will drop water/blood into the pan and could disturb the cooking) The pan has to be very hot since we just want to brown the meat and not cook the inside of it!! (1-3min maximum is enough)
  4. Apply the previous mixture on the meat, in the same pan or in a baking dish, and put it in the oven for about 45min/1hour
  5. In a pan, roast a few pine nuts
  6. Slice wildly some basil leaves, the roasted pine nuts and garlic, pour some olive oil and, tadaaa, you have the small pesto
  7. To prepare the tomato sauce, you can go take a look at my Tagliatelle con Pomodori recipe. The only thing that changes is that you add some small dices of chorizo in the tomatoes!
  8. With a mandoline, slice a parsnip. Add it to a pan with butter and roast the slices (don’t forget to add some pepper and salt before it’s dry)

Once all is done, put your chef’s hat, roll up your sleeves and let your imagination speaks before you on the plate!


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