Spaghetti carbonara

The real carbonara..

Because French people destroyed the real taste of carbonara, here is my duty to share the real recipe!

First of all, I need to talk about « bad carbonara » (let’s call it like this). It’s cream, Parmigiano cheese and bacon. That’s what restaurant served me for a while, that’s how I made it, for a while, and that’s how I never want to eat my carbonara again. It’s not about « sense of taste », « opinion » or whatever.. It’s about food. Italian food!

So now we’ve talked about what you have to AVOID, let’s talk about what you need to know. Carbonara is about 3 things. Literally, it’s nothing less, nothing more. Eggs (yellow, only), Parmigiano or Pecorino or Grana Padano cheeses (and NOTHING else), Pancetta bacon (it’s not only bacon, it’s Italian 😉 ) and that’s it!!

On the picture, you can see some tomatoes (cherry tomatoes with mozzarella espuma and balsamic pearls), the recipe is at the end of the post.

First, let’s have a look on the real carbonara recipe (and let’s have a word on spaghetti too..)

Parmigiano Regiano
Spaghetti (n°5-n°7)
  1. If not already done by the butcher, cut your Pancetta in small pieces and let them cry in a pan with a tiny amount of olive oil and pepper them (Carbonara name comes from the black color…which comes from the pepper. Yes, so now let the pepper rain!)
  2. Grate about 50-100g of Parmigiano in a small bowl and reserve it for later..
  3. Put some water to boil. And please, to ensure having good pastas, your saucepan has to be big enough to let the pastas dance in it. No oil, no salt (for now)
  4. Once your water is starting to boil, add salt (coarse salt is the best) and put your pastas in it. Now you have about 6-10min to finish preparing the sauce
  5. In a bowl, put 1 yellow egg per person plus 1 more (if you’re alone..just put 2 yellows). Sprinkle some pepper, salt and cheese into the bowl carefully and start beating the mixture eggs+cheese. Constantly add a bit of cheese and once the mixture is creamy, you’re done!
  6. Now, your pastas should be ready. « Ready » would be translate « Al dente » in Italian. So when I say Al dente, I don’t mean « over boiled », capici? So, drain the water (let a tiny amount since it can add some liquid to the sauce) and add the sauce and bacon. Mix them all together with love and… you can enjoy real carbonara!

Now, let’s cook some good appetizers or accompaniments.


Cherry tomatoes
Mozzarella di Buffala (if you're low in budget, I can accept some good random mozzarella)
Liquid cream
Balsamic vinegar
Olive oil
Basil leaves
Sea salt
  1. Put olive oil in a cup (big enough and not « round » on the bottom) and keep it in the freezer for 30min
  2. Pour 150ml of balsamic vinegar in a saucepan with a small amount of agar-agar (about 1-2teaspoons). Stir it and bring to a boil
  3. Once it has boiled, take a pipette or a kitchen syringe and pour some drops into the olive oil you’ve just taken out of the freezer
  4. Pick up the small pearls with a strainer and place them into a still water bowl
  5. Put 170g of cream, 200g of milk and basil leaves to boil. Once it’s boiled, get it out of fire and add the mozzarella, sliced in quarters. Don’t put it back on the fire, just let the mozzarella melt into the mixture (you can stir it)
  6. Take out the leaves and mix the milk/moz mixture with a blender/hand mixer and adjust with salt
  7. Pass it through a conical strainer if you have (or a simple strainer if not) and avoid pushing on it (to keep the milk clear)
  8. Put the milk into a really cold siphon (chefs recommend to keep it for 12h… let’s keep it in fridge for 2h instead!) with one cartridge of gas (for a 500ml siphon) and with having shaken it several times before
  9. Once you’ve waited enough for your foam to be ready, you can cut the tomatoes (2-3mm from the top), take off the seeds with a small knife (for exemple), pour the foam inside (be careful to hold your siphon vertically, to ensure the gas stay out of the entry of the siphon) If you’re not really confident, pour it into an empty bowl and fill the tomatoes with a small spoon.
  10. Sparkle some balsamic pearls, pepper, minced basil leaves and sea salt and you’re ready to rock!

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