Tagliatelle al pomodori !

Spinach tagliatelle with tomato sauce

Italian cuisine is about authenticity and simplicity, so we are..

Ok, let’s say it frankly : this is bullshit! We all know how to make some pastas with tomato sauce. It’s basically one of the first thing every single person wants to cook… But don’t get me wrong, we all miss it the first time. The pastas are always too cooked, often bought hazardously, depending on the price the tomato sauce is or cooked (but with tomato seeds and without any other taste), or bought for a penny. THIS HAS TO STOP!

Whether your are old or young, you have to know how to make real pastas and real tomato sauce. Back to basics!

Here is my recipe for the sauce.

Tomatoes (San Marzano ones are my favorites : less seeds, more pulpit)
Basil leaves
Tomato concentrate
Olive oil
  1. Boil some water. Add the tomatoes in it..for only 30sec and pour them into cold water to remove the skins
  2. Slice tomatoes in small dice after having took off the seeds and water
  3. Throw them delicately in a hot pan, slightly filled with our beloved olive oil
  4. Once the tomatoes seem to not be dices anymore, add garlic bit of water and tomato concentrate. Low the fire and let it rest for about 20min
  5. After its rest, add the thyme and basil leaves and remove the pan from the heat. Cover let the herbs give some more flavors to your sauce

Wanna do your pastas by yourselves? Try that :

White flour
  1. Boil water in a pot then add your spinach leaves (100g must be enough)
  2. Once it’s cooked, put the leaves in a blender with an egg and some salt (1/2 teaspoon). The mixture has to be uniform!
  3. In a bowl, add the flour (175g) to the mixture to start the kneading. Once you have a sort of a ball, knead it better on a floured board for about a minute.
  4. Let it rest 20min on the counter in a thin paste
  5. Or you have the pasta machine, or you can simply cut the tagliatelle with a knife (fold up the paste several times and simply cut 0.5-1cm per slices)
  6. Then, let them dry on the counter for about 2hours

If you can’t handle it, please, buy some good and fresh pastas!!!

And don’t forget : simple is good, but patience is better 😉


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