French pork’s filet mignon..

Pork’s filet mignon stuffed with mushrooms and shallots

Whatever you do, filet mignon should be honored with great savors!

Here we are, still trying to have fun with that pig… Obviously, I am in love with that meat (although I prefer veal’s filet mignon, which is way more expensive), but I don’t cook it too often. It is the second time I present a recipe with that peace of pork (Italian pork’s filet mignon..) because each time I cook it, it is my duty to give him the honors. Treating it like I would treat my own body (yes, I stuff my body with mushrooms and shallots sometimes 😀 )

PS: for my next recipes, I will put more vegetables and less starchy, to keep a good balance!

So this is my way to cook it :

Pork's filet mignon (or veal)
Mushrooms (Parisian mushrooms here)
Parmigiano cheese
Romanesco cabbage
Soja sauce
  1. Crumble the cheese and mix it with unsalted and peeled pistachios. Do it until you start having like a paste. For a better application, you could heat the paste in a pan and wait for the cheese to melt and the pistachio to leave all the oil, or you could just blend it for 10-15min (it’s barely the same thing). Here, I chose to keep it in small pieces, for the crunchy sensation
  2. Slice some mushrooms and a shallot very small
  3. Prepare a pan with oil and maximum heat and place your filet mignon, salted/peppered beforehand, in it. A too big piece is not good for the water/blood it will drop. A too small is really not good for the reason the inside of the meat will cook also. Your meat (and I’m only talking about the filet mignon) has to brown on the outside only and for only a few minutes (2-4min)
  4. Once the meat is browned, take it off the pan, let it lay for 2-3min on the board
  5. In that time, put your mushrooms (still talking about food man!) and shallot in the previous pan to parfume the farce with the meat juice, just to brown them a bit
  6. Preheat the oven for 80°C
  7. Cut your meat in half from the side (like on the picture) – your peace still has to be big enough (don’t slice it yet) – and stuff it with the farce
  8. Shovel the meat, on the pan, in the oven for about 45min
  9. Prepare your mashed potatoes like in the previous post (Stuffed chicken ballotine..) to have it creamy and aerial
  10. Blanch many heads of your cabbage with salt (pour it in boiling water with only salt, for about 5-8min)
  11. Cut some mushrooms
  12. For the sauce, just heat the meat for few minutes, to start having a start of a caramel and wet it with the soja sauce. Here, I preferred the salty one, but you could choose to use the sweet one (but too much sweetness is not good!)


After all, once you’ve reached that point, it wasn’t complicated at all, was it?


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