Stuffed chicken ballotine..

Chicken ballotine stuffed with shallots and Tartare cheese !

Classy but simple, this recipe is about tastes and flavors 😉

Sometimes, you feel just fine with what you’ve done, what you’ve created. And frankly, that’s my feeling about this meal.

It is simple : Chicken, haricots, mashed potatoes… but I wanted to bring some freshness to these ingredients! And gosh, it explodes and melts in mouth. Spicy and smooth. Crispy and soft.

Let me show you how simple it is :

You’ll need..

Chicken filet
Tartare cheese (or you could do it by yourself)
Potatoes (floury ones)
Sour cream (if possible with herbs.. if not, put chives in it, mix them and reserve it for an hour in fridge)
Liquid cream
Olive oil
Espelette pepper

  1. Place a plastic film on the board. Put your chicken filet on it. If your chicken is not really thin, use something (a foot, a wooden bat, a baseball bat, a guitar, whatever) to beat it and make it thinner. Don’t make any holes in it, you’re not a chicken killer
  2. Salt and pepper both sides and spread some Tartar cheese on it
  3. Slice a shallot and sprinkle it on your friend
  4. Wrap your meat with the film to obtain a ballotine. If you don’t know what it looks like, think about wrapping a corpse in carpet
  5. To ensure water will not penetrate the plastic film, add another plastic film on your ballotine and put tongs or rubbers to block the 2 exits (your dear friend has to stay in the plastic film) and reserve it.
  6. Slice a few potatoes in small dices with a flattened garlic and throw them in the saucepan with milk (just cover the potatoes) and sour cream (about 1-2tablespoons)
  7. Once the mixture starts to bubble, low the heat and put your ballotine in boiling water (it has to cook for 20min)
  8. Cut the pumpkin in cubes and put them in a pan, wetted with olive oil beforehand
  9. Add pepper and once it starts to hang the pan, add water and cover for 4min
  10. Hull the haricots and already cut them how you want them to be shaped once cooked
  11. Put them into boiling water
  12. Take care of your potatoes, don’t forget them, they are like children to you! If the milk start to miss, just put a little more
  13. Take an egg. Nope, the other one. Yes, this one
  14. Separate the white from the yellow and whisk the egg whites. Reserve both separately
  15. Now, it’s the rush :
    1. Pour some liquid cream into your pumpkin pan and give it to your blender with some more pepper and the famous Espelette pepper
    2. Take off from the heat your kiddy potatoes and crush them gently with a ricer. Toss softly the potatoes and pour 10-15g of butter, the whites and some sour cream if not enough « aerial »
    3. Drain the ballotine and get the chicken out the plastic film (a good way is to cut one exit and push the other side..normally, it should slide)
    4. Drain also your haricots
    5. Try to not mess up with presentation now!!

I’m pretty sure everyone could do way better than me and I would be glad to see your impersonation of it! 😉


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