Khao soy : thailicious !

Khao soy, a Chiang Mai recipe!

Once you taste this, your brain asks for more…you’re warned!

When we think about food and Thailand, we always think about red/green curry meals, basil sauces or pad thai. But when you go there and try several of their specialties, you can discover some incredibly tasty products and mind-blowing recipes!

This brings me to this recipe from north of Thailand. Certainly, this meal is also known in Lao, but the recipe I’ve been thought during my first trip in Chiang Mai is one kind of the original Khao soy.

Prepare your taste buds, this is gonna wake them up…forever!!

What you will need to make it (and remember to use a wok pan, way better!) :

Egg noodles (thin ones)
Yellow curry paste
Chicken breast
Fish sauce
Coconut cream (about 500ml)
Curry powder
Spring onion
Red peppers
  1. Slice your shallot, spring onion and red pepper (you could use big chili instead, way better) and save them for later
  2. Boil some water and throw your noodles in it. When they are soft (bit more cooked than al dente), drain them
  3. Deep fry half of them until they got a golden/brown color, in a pan filled with oil beforehand and reserve the other half.
  4. Heat your wok with oil in it (low heat)
  5. Mince the chicken
  6. Add some coconut cream, curry powder and the curry paste. Stir for about 1-2min
  7. Pour some water (for about 50ml) and coconut cream to stop it from frying
  8. Add your chicken and stir vigorously until your meat is cooked
  9. Then, you can raise the temperature and add more of your coconut cream (no dirty mind is allowed here..), the fish sauce (only 1 tablespoon), some sugar (about 2 tablespoons) and keep boiling it for only 1-2 minutes.
  10. Once it’s ready, pour your unfried noodles in it, turn off the gas.

To lay out correctly your dishes, respecting the good use in Thailand, you should now put some shallot, spring onion and pepper/chili and sparkle the top with the crispy noodles (fried noodles) and coriander.

Chok dee krap!


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