Veal’s cushion Autumn style !

Veal’s cushion with black rice, chanterelles and béchamel sauce

Cushion of veal is one tender piece, so is my heart 😉

We’re in Winter but we still have some good autumnal ingredients in the store

Again, a good piece of meat and a not so difficult recipe. These autumnal vegetables (chanterelles mushrooms, dry tomatoes and carrots) marry perfectly the savor of this part of the veal. But the rice would have been better if I had bought risotto instead of long rice -_-

Let’s check the recipe!

You’re gonna need :

Veal's cushion (or "round fillet")
Chanterelles mushrooms
Dry tomatoes
Carrots (yellow if you find :) )
Black risotto
Red wine
Broth (50dl for risotto and the same for carrots)
Milk (50dl)

  1. Prepare your vegetables :
    1. Clean your chanterelles and carrots
    2. Peal your carrots and chop them roughly
    3. Mince some of your chanterelles (the less beautiful and the biggest) and an onion (for your risotto)
    4. Reserve the best chanterelles with some sliced dry tomatoes (be careful, it’s often very salty, don’t put too much)
  2. Brown your veal with some butter, salted beforehand. High heat and only for browning the meat
  3. When the baby beef is well seared (about 1min on each side, depending on the meat’s thickness), let it rest for 5min on the board
  4. Boil some broth and add the carrots (let them cook for 10min or more)
  5. Prepare your béchamel :
    1. Heat your milk (with pepper, salt and a bit of nutmeg powder if you like)
    2. In another saucepan, melt 30g of butter, pour 30g of flour and whisk it. Cook it and whisk constantly for about 5min, low heat.
    3. Take it off the heat and let it rest at ambiant temperature
    4. Then, put it back on the hotplate and pour the warm milk and whisk it vigorously. Boil it and immediately reserve it
    5. Put some tailed parsley in a blender and then add the béchamel sauce. Mix them together (the greenest is your sauce, the best it will be 😉 ) adjust the salt and pepper if needed
  6. Preheat the oven at 80°C
  7. Start your risotto with putting oil in a pan, mid-high heat. Then throw your rice in it. When your rice seems to grip a bit, add your sliced mushrooms and onions. Stir for about 2-3min and then deglaze with the red wine.
  8. Then, you’ll need to focus on your risotto every 5min and add some broth (don’t drown the rice, just add enough for it to absorb the wet… and continue to stir). Once you’ve put all of your broth (quantity depends on quantity of rice), taste and keep in mind a risotto has to be « al dente » !
  9. In the mean time, shovel the meat in oven for the next 20min
  10. Heat some olive oil in a pan and put your uncut chanterelles with your sliced dry tomatoes, some finely chopped parsley and pepper just for a few minutes (don’t let your mushrooms become dry and soft)
  11. Mix your carrots (hope you still have some broth in your pan…if too much, empty it a bit, if not, add a bit water) in a blender, adjust salt/pepper

Now, you’ll just need a bit of your incredibly skills in dressing your plate and it’ll look amazing!


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